A Conference of The Christian Community in North America

ASK 2020 Atlanta

June 24th – June 28th in Atlanta, GA

Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7

Ask Seek Knock

By the time we gather, the Holy Spirit will have touched down. Christ will have been crucified in the world of human beings and He will have answered the willful infliction of suffering with an incomprehensible love which will transform the earth and all human beings. We will have celebrated Easter, the atmospheric change, infused with Spirit-filled light. We will have had forty days of walking with the Risen One in a particular way. We will be at the zenith point of the Christian year as John calls us to change our hearts and minds.

During Holy Week, Easter, Ascension, and Whitsun we may feel a need for profound inner work: how can we experience these events so deeply that we will be transformed? And perhaps this task is best undertaken in prayerful solitude, with every individual seeking guidance in their own way.

But when we arrive at St John’s it is time to come together! Then we will find energy and encouragement from our fellow travelers! That is the time to gather as a Christian Community, to fill our hearts with hope and inspiration. This is an “energy-healing” in the highest sense. We can gain strength for the struggles of our times, clarity for the way forward and love for one another and for the whole earth. This is what the ASK Conference is all about: what is Christ asking of us? We are gathering around this question. It is important that you are there.