and evening performances


Evening Presentation: Rev. Patrick Kennedy – Word of Flame – The fire of enthusiasm, the flame of love, the flames enkindled at the altar of sacrifice – what fire burns in the word and presence of John the Baptist? This talk will explore the special health-giving, burning flame of conscience, the moral fire that readies us for prayer, that prepares the way for the Light. The healing of our wounds – personally and in community – begins in this ‘word of flame.’

Followed by bonfire and singing for St John’s Day


Morning Presentation: Rev. Oliver Steinrueck will share from the worldwide movement.

Evening Drama: Glen Williamson – Incarnation of the Logos – An Epic Tale of Christ’s Coming to Earth….The story of Jesus’ birth, childhood, and youth, as you have never heard it before. Harmonizing the conflicting accounts of Matthew and Luke, this saga weaves the threads of many traditions into an intimate but also a cosmic drama.


Morning Presentation: Dorit Winter – Seek – We are all on a path. What do we seek? How, why, and where do we seek? Often we discover that the answers meet us when we tread the path. Every single human being is on a path. Destiny reveals itself as we step, more or less easily, toward our own self-development. The seeking traveler benefits from being well-clad. Where shall we find a sturdy staff to lean on?

Evening Event, including eurythmy: Dr Andrea Rentea tba


Morning Presentation: Rev. Julia Polter – Knock – Meeting Christ in our Humanity – When we knock, we noisily strike a surface, to attract attention, especially when we hope to be let in through a door. Compared to “asking” and “seeking”, “knocking” is the most physical action in the trilogy of activities we are exploring in this conference. As embodied beings here on earth we can meet Christ in our human encounters when we knock at each other’s doors. As we long for connection despite differences, how can we find the courage to approach one another in new ways, to find entrance into one another’s innermost sanctuaries?

Evening Singing: Youth Choir with Rev. Carol Kelly

A number of these presenters are also leading workshops.

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