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There will be workshops on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Some will be from 2:00-3:20 and some from 4:00-5:20. You will be able to choose which Workshops you wish to attend. More information below.

Workshop Presenters and Their Topics

Rev. Michael Brewer – The Creed of The Christian Community: What is it actually?  – The oldest Christian creed is the Apostles’ Creed, twelve sentences spoken by the twelve apostles. Its name derives from the Latin Credo, which means I believe. Those words are not to be found in our Creed. We will consider the significance of the renewed Creed and look at the form which the twelve sentences take in our time. Three sessions.

Dr. Mark Hancock – Paracelsus, Anthroposophic Medicine and the inner and outer path of the healer – We will explore the idea that Paracelsus put forward that in order to heal, the physician needs to find the relationship between the microcosm of the human being and the macrocosm of nature. We will explore with Goethean observation how Anthroposophic remedies alchemically relate to Paracelsus and his wisdom as well as elaborate on the daunting inner task of being a physician. One session.

Rev. Patrick Kennedy – Priests and Kings – For many modern souls, kings and priests are terrible relics of the past that are to be swept away by the development of personal, spiritual autonomy. And yet we read in John’s Book of Revelation, that that is what Jesus leads us to become (Rev. 1:6). Through presentations, conversations and bible study, we will explore how powerfully important these two imaginations are for understanding what it means to be a Christened soul in our time, informing every part of our priest training. Two sessions.

Martha Loving – Connecting to Spirit – We may Ask: Where in us, and when, do we experience a meeting with the Christ? We may Seek: To create a space, to develop discernment, or thinking with the heart. We may Know: By practicing the arts of watercolor and meditation that we may then find a meeting place, where the Beings of Color and the living etheric Christ can make themselves manifest.

This workshop is hands-on watercolor painting and meditation. Working with the spiritual forces of Light and Darkness, we will create a color space, a calm breathing atmosphere, opening to the wonder and beauty of Spirit.

Beginners welcome, space limited, materials provided. Two sessions.

Jolie Luba – Death and Dying/Life and Living – Participants will be invited to look into some aspects of the journey after crossing the threshold called death. There will be reflections on how our life among the living can support and prepare us for our time of crossing, or that of a loved one. The workshop will use the tides from St John’s Day as inspiration. This is a three session workshop.

Rev. Julia Polter – one session

Barbara RenoldSpeech (a 2-session workshop): Seeking the reflection of the Logos in languages. Using the text of the beginning of the St. John’s Gospel, we will try to experience the content in several languages.

Barbara Renold again – Mystery Drama: (a 2-session workshop) Following Johannes’ and Maria’s inner journey of the conference theme, Ask-Seek-Knock, as portrayed in the first seven scenes of Rudolf Steiner’s first play, “The Portal of Initiation”.

Dr. Andrea Rentea – one session

Margaret Shipman – Sulfur, Mercury, Salt: The Trinity in the Foundation Stone Meditation – The Foundation Stone Meditation provides endless threads into the connection between the physical world and the spiritual world. The first three panels of the verse clearly show the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We will look at the forces and processes which work in both the Trinity and the Foundation Stone through sulfur, mercury and salt. Two session workshop.

Rev. Craig Wiggins – Three session workshop

Glen Williamson – Two sessions.

Eleanor Winship – Opening Doors to the Spirit through Song – We will warm up with the profound singing exercises developed by the Swedish opera singer Valborg Werbeck Sverdstrom under Rudolf Steiner’s guidance which deepen our breath and help heal us and teach us to listen to each other, and we will sing uplifting and joyous songs and rounds, inspirations for our festival life and personal spiritual paths. Two sessions.

A number of these presenters are also giving presentations or leading evening artistic events.

How many sessions are the workshops?

Workshops are either multi-session or single session. Single session workshops may be available one time only, or repeated from one day to the next. All of this will become clear when you check-in on Wednesday.

How do I register for the workshops?

Please start by looking at the workshops, here, before arriving at the check-in table at Woodward Academy. At the check-in table, there will be separate registration pages for each workshop session. Each page will allow for a limited number of participants. On a “first come – first served” basis, as long as there is an opening, add your name to your chosen workshop pages. The location of your workshop will be indicated on the session page.

How do I find the Check-in Table?

The table will be located in the atrium of Jane Woodruff Hall on the Upper School Campus. You can visit the Woodward Academy website, , select “ABOUT” at the top; on the next screen, select “VISIT”; this will bring up the “MAPS” screen. There will also be people who can direct you, once you arrive at Woodward Upper School Campus: 1662 Rugby Ave, College Park, GA 30337 (some GPS devices will have this address as Atlanta, rather than College Park)

Directions to Jane Woodruff Hall (map)

For further information, please contact us at

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